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fatema ♥
26 March 2012 @ 11:46 pm

And cue the introduction; Hi, I'm Fatema, the 20 year old British born child. Yay me, haha. I'm studying Media Communication at University. My dream is to work in media - at the heart of production. I love creativity, reading books, watching films - especially in the cinema and with ice cream! - and fully investing myself into fictional characters, relationships and plot lines. I'm pretty talkative, occasionally ramble from time to time, and love day dreaming. I'm opinionated - but open-minded - ambitious and love being eventful, laughing, hanging out with friends, meaningful conversations and hugs. I like learning about other people and different cultures. If you wanna know more, then ask and you shall receive, or comment and add - I don't bite (:

Current Music: paper heart - tyler ward